Prevention of stroke is an important public health concern given the disease burden. Primary and Secondary prevention is very important and there are many risk factors for stroke that can be modified to reduce the potential risk.

The most important of the risk factors are high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation. Others include:

High blood cholesterol levels



Alcohol abuse (via hypertension, trauma, rebound thrombocytosis)

Drug Use (usually cocaine and amphetamines)


Unhealthy Diet

Previous TIA/ Stroke


Blood Pressure:

Hypertension accounts for 35-50% of the stroke risk. Lowering blood pressure has been conclusively shown to prevent both ischaemic and haemorrhagic strokes. It is equally important in secondary prevention.

Atrial Fibrillation

Those patients with AF have a 5% risk each year of developing a stroke. Depending on the stroke risk, anticoagulation with aspirin is warranted.

Blood Lipids

Stating have been shown to reduced the risk of stroke by about 15%


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